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Don’t Be A Blogger Who Wastes Their Readers’ Time


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A Case Of Missing Comments

Speech Bubbles

Speech Bubbles
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Here is the link to the latest article on my other blog: A Case Of Missing Comments

Choosing The Right Blogging Platform


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Here is the link to the latest article on my other blog: Choosing The Right Blogging Platform

It Is Difficult For Me To Stay Away From Blogging

Home Office

Home Office
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Here is the link to the latest article on my other blog: It Is Difficult For Me To Stay Away From Blogging

Do You Ever Follow Bloggers Via Email?

Here is the link to the latest article on my other blog: Do You Ever Follow Bloggers Via Email?

I Have Little Desire To Be On WordPress

wordpress.jpgMost bloggers are aware of the fact, that WordPress is, the number one blog site in the blogosphere (And, I genuinely believe that they are going to remain in the number one position for a very long time to come).

WordPress is, the ideal place for a blogger to get his or her blog noticed (And, bloggers like being noticed).

However, WordPress is, always doing upgrades; the kind that is famous for stressing out bloggers.

While upgrades are necessary, I believe that Automattic (the creators of WordPress) took things a bit too far by messing with the Editor feature (I hate the new Editor with a heated passion; which is why I am still using the old one).

And, the User Interface is, becoming stranger looking with every upgrade.

Do you still feel the same way about WordPress as when you first joined it?

I can tell you without thinking twice, that my feelings have change about WordPress; I no longer have that zeal to blog here; which is one of the reasons why I have been spending most of my time over on Blogger.

WordPress Is Not The Only Blogging Platform

Okay, just because WordPress is, the top dog in the blogosphere, it does not mean that I am going to tolerate the crap that the engineers are always rolling out.

So, what is my next best option?

Blogging somewhere else of course!

These days, I have been quite busy with The Chronicles Of Renard over on Blogger (And, I am at home there).

The truth is: Blogger is not a bad place to blog. From experience, I can tell you that it is possible to have a very successful blog over on Blogger.

As a matter of fact, a person can be successful on any blogging platform that they choose to be on.

One limits their self by believing that WordPress is, the only place where one can blog successfully.

I will admit that it takes less effort to acquire a readership on WordPress than the other blogging platforms.

However, a person can excel on other blogging platforms if they placed the extra effort into making their blog work.

Do I Hate WordPress?

No, I do not hate WordPress. I perceive it as a very superior blogging platform; one where bloggers can get their work noticed easily.

And, it is one of the best places where a blogger can liaise with like-minded bloggers.

Also, the WordPress Reader is, out of this world; there is no other feature quite like it; without it, a person would have problems finding blogs on WordPress that are of interest to them.

I Have Friends Who No Longer Blog On WordPress

A lot of people whom I followed in the past, no longer blog on WordPress and I do miss them a lot.

After all, a person is entitled to abandon their blog if they are not pleased with it (Or, if it is taking up too much of their time).

If you are highly observant, you would have noticed that some of those people whom you were following in the past, no longer blog (Their blog is, no longer being updated).

As a result, WordPress does not feel the same; the whole atmosphere is different.

Would I Ever Delete My WordPress Blog?

No, I do not think that I would ever delete my WordPress blog.


Because, even though WordPress can be a bit frustrating at times, it is still a force to be reckoned with.

Also, I am curious to see what WordPress is going to evolve into.

And, the home for Renard Moreau Presents, will always remain on WordPress.

I Am Amazed Of The Fact That Renard Moreau Presents Is Still Attracting Followers

Despite the fact, that I have not been blogging much on WordPress, the number of people that are following this blog seems to be increasing; which is, something that has left me a bit puzzled.

When a person hardly updates their blog, there is a chance of one’s readers going somewhere else; since there are always tons of interesting blogs to visit on WordPress.

Why Is The Alexa Rank For Renard Moreau Presents Still Increasing?

I will admit that when I used to blog on WordPress regularly, my Alexa Rank was very high.

But, I have to admit that the Alexa Rank for this blog is quite impressive for one that I have purposely neglected.

Hmm? Did people continue to check it out with the hopes of me posting one of my unique articles?


The Conclusion

WordPress is, no longer my favourite place to be and I have relegated Renard Moreau Presents to my secondary blog; a position that was once held by The Chronicles Of Renard (My new primary blog).

I will reiterate the fact, that I do not hate WordPress and that I recognize it as one of the best places for a blogger to get noticed.

And, even though WordPress is, the number one blog site, I will continue to blog on both Blogger and WordPress (I intend to spend most of my time on Blogger; mainly because of the fact, that I have little zeal to blog on WordPress).

In the past, I had lots of fun on WordPress (Which I am most grateful for).

I will not discourage anyone from blogging on the WordPress platform, because it is a splendid place to blog.

But, I would advise any blogger, that if they wish to have a balanced view on blogging, they should experiment with various other blogging platforms (Those on Blogger, could dabble with WordPress and those on WordPress, could find out firsthand what it is like to blog on Blogger).

I have not given up on blogging on Renard Moreau Presents and hopefully, one good day, I will regain my zeal for blogging on WordPress.

If you enjoyed this article and you would like to read more posts of this nature, please feel free to follow this blog of mine.

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Can Your Blog Stand The Test Of Time?


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Here is the link to the latest article on my other blog: Can Your Blog Stand The Test Of Time?


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