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wordpress.jpgI am not ashamed to say that I had my my hands filled with my two blogs; The Chronicles Of Renard on Blogger and Renard Moreau Presents right here on WordPress.

I am a highly energetic and curious blogger who enjoys the experience of blogging in both worlds and I have also mentioned to my friends on Blogger about my fondness for WordPress; which resulted in one of my friends on Blogger setting up an additional blog on WordPress.

Although I have been having fun on Blogger, there is no way on God’s green Earth that I am going to give up my blog on WordPress.

WordPress Has A Very Unique Blogging Community

I genuinely believe that one needs to join WordPress in order to understand it and that no amount of preaching to others (especially those who have not joined WordPress) will make them truly grasp the unique blogging community that is exclusive to WordPress.

After all, WordPress bloggers are the most friendly and supportive people that you would ever come across on a blog site.

The Professionals Are Known To Choose WordPress Over Any Other Blogging Platform

The professionals have all gotten the word about WordPress being number one and that the themes on WordPress are already optimized for SEO (That means that the search engines will quickly find their blog).

Who the hell wants to be playing around with SEO when they could be using that time to create content?

There Is No Other Reader Like The WordPress Reader

The WordPress Reader has got to be one of my favourite features on WordPress (I have mentioned it to my friends over at Blogger; I highlighted the fact that it allowed WordPress users to find blogs that are of interest to them, by just typing in the the category that they are looking for; for example: if they wanted to find vegan recipes, all they had to do was type that in on their WordPress Reader and they are directed to a list of blogs that have posted articles pertaining to vegan recipes).

It Is Very Easy To Get Hooked On WordPress

WordPress is so much fun that when you start blogging on it, you do not want to log out of it; all you would want to do is blog until you drop (There were many occasions when I stayed on until my eyes started to burn; mainly because, they were tired from all of the blogging that was done on WordPress).

People On WordPress Are Not Afraid To Comment On Each Other’s Blog

Yes, that is indeed true; the people on WordPress are not afraid to comment on each other’s blog.

I received comments from both friends and strangers.

Remember, that the WordPress community is the most friendliest blogging community that you would ever come across (And, people who are a part of that community are usually not hesitant; they would leave you a comment on your blog).

The Happy Engineers Are Always Willing To Help

In the past, I had a technical issue (my blog was not showing up on the WordPress Reader) and one of the well-trained Happy Engineers rectified the issue.

As a matter of fact, the Happy Engineers have helped out a lot of the WordPress bloggers by seeing to it that the affected blogs were back to normal.

The Conclusion

The people who designed WordPress had it all figured out; they masterminded a blog site that was highly advanced.

And, of course, the beloved one of a kind WordPress community is a plus; a great part of the WordPress package.

So, now you have an idea as to the the reason why WordPress is still my number one choice.

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