Friends Are Reviving Their Blogs On Blogger

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It’s A Fairly Quiet Sunday

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MacBook Air
MacBook Air (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Ray Turner: The Man Behind TGR Worzels

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Ray Turner (Photo credit: Facebook)
Ray Turner (Photo credit: Facebook)

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Just Pondering Part 813

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PenI never liked the idea of uninvited guests coming over at my place, because I like people to be entertained in a spotless house and I like them to have plenty food and beverages to consume.

One of the most embarrassing scenarios happens to be: when people come over and you have nothing to offer them to eat or drink; which is something that could happen if you haven’t had the time to shop for groceries.

And, let us not forget the other scenario where you haven’t cleaned the house for a week (or even longer) and a thin layer of dust gathers itself on your living-room furniture (Now, that can be very embarrassing).

To be on the safe side, it would be wise to clean the house regularly; in the manner in which a maid or a butler would do it and never wait until the food runs out to go shopping for groceries.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to have a mentality like a beast and let all of your friends know that you hate uninvited guests, you can even go to the extreme by putting up a sign which says: “No uninvited guests allowed,” on your front-gate; hopefully, that should save you a ton load of embarrassment.

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