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• Where The Country Changes

• Past Light

• Atonement

• Approaching A City

At The Bottom Of The Ramp

Uncertain Horizons

Imaginary Maps For Nonexistent Cities

Be My Night

The Whispers

Mask Of Ivory

• Red Drum


• At The Table: Grateful Weekend

• At The Table: Comfort Food And Being Comfortable

• At The Table: Sharing A Great Cup Of Joe

• At The Table: Portion Control

• At The Table: Changing The Landscape, Looking Outside

• At The Table: It’s Not Mine!!

• A Cat’s Pause

• The Carnival Arrives

• At The Table: Joy-Fully Expressed

• At The Table: Mirrors Allowed

• At The Table: Monday Morning Happiness

• At The Table: Soul Speaking #1 Solitude

At The Table: Create Your Echo With Love

At The Table: Soul Speaking #3 Allowing Echoes To Enter

At The Table: Soul Speaking #4 Habit Awareness

At The Table: Soul Speak #5 Habit And Lessons

At The Table: The Price Of Your Mask

At The Table: Harvesting Your Seeds

At The Table: Bliss Addiction, Or The Awakening

At The Table: Soul Strength

At The Table: Weight Control

At The Table: On My Plate, Movie Time

At The Table: Reading The Fine Print

At The Table: Transforming Our Belief Systems

At The Table: It’s In The Giving

At The Table: Looking Through The LOOKING Glass

At The Table: Take A Deep Breath And BE

At The Table: Journey Whispers Spider

At The Table: Permission Slips

At The Table: Spiritual Intimacy

At The Table: Who Are You?

At The Table: This Magic Moment

At The Table: Journey And Whispers; Butterflies And Moths

At The Table: Journey Whispers; Crickets

At The Table: Journey Whispers; Praying Mantis

At The Table: Laying A New Foundation With A New Dimensional View

At The Table: Where Egos Dare Not Go

At The Table; Journey Whispers: The Bee, Reiki And Me

At The Table: Your Ascension Plan

At The Table; Ego Going, Ego Gone

Eve Human

• Shattered Dreams

• Melancholy

• For Those Who Die

• A Night In Al-Khalil

The Gal Of Mediocrity


Who Is Man

The Pharisees

What Is Love

Mama Mary

Economic Genocide

What Is Truth


My Ledge

When Will It End?

Genesis 1-31

The God I Know

No More War


Gary Klungreseth

• How To Write A Great Article

Jamerly Delacruz

• Will God Forgive Me?

Leela Bee

• Raw And Uncut

• I Almost Did It…



Memoirs Of A Human Waste

Mimi DiFrancesc​a

• Creator Of All Things

Kim Raya

Dear Kim…New Blogger Needs Help!

Celeste DiMilla

Unlucky Rabbit’s Foot

Andrew Geary

The New American Classic

Barbara C Rowe

The Good Samaritan

Roasting Chestnuts



The Never Enough Girl

Grace Beckett

How Business can Benefit from Answering Services

Jannat Marie

5 JazZen Lessons for Creating the Life You Were Meant to Live

Adam Baker

The Internet, Silly Putty & Patience

Rosie Hartmann

Failure Is My Passion

Tom (Head Editor of the Techno Team Blog) Review

How To Survive Writer’s Block

The Ultimate Guide To Website Terminology

Silver Birch Press

Call for Submissions: Half New Year Poetry