MedicalAll medical references made on this website are shared for the sole purpose of highlighting viewpoints — conventional as well as unconventional material.

I strongly advise that no type of action or inaction should be taken in regards to the links provided, or to the articles that deal solely with the issues of health and medicine.

The information contained within Renard Moreau Presents is not meant to be substituted for any kind of medical diagnosis, medical treatment or medical advice from a physician.

The website administrator (me), does not endorse, or represent any type of treatments, procedures, testimonies and alternative methods of healthcare.

2 thoughts on “Disclaimer

    ladydiane1111 said:
    May 19, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    In my former heyday of tarot readings and the like, this disclaimer also had to include financial advice and legal advice. However, we could always present the information FYC (for your consideration). I’ve never heard of anyone suing any readers or holistic practitioners, but the Counties we worked in charged us $300 a year to put this sign up on the doors of wherever we were working. Also, I did have to let at least one client go, because she wanted me to say what she wanted to hear, and she had many financial questions that I felt uncomfortable answering. What I DID feel comfortable saying was, “Stop paying those charlatans (in another state) $1500 a month for them to light candles to rid your house of “evil!” She had already sunk about $60,000 into their pockets over a few years’ time! I could never be that dishonest, and gladly gave up our bi-monthly appointments (fee: $45). Of course, the only evil present was… greed! Have a good one, Renard. ^_^


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