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Sue Anne Dunlevie: The Woman Behind “Successful Blogging”

Sue Anne Dunlevie

Sue Anne Dunlevie
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Spreading The Word About Blogging

The Full Blogging Spectrum

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Are You In Love With Blogging?


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I Am One Curious Blogger


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Sundays And Blogging


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Being On Blogger Is Beautiful

Blogger Logo

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WordPress And Its Newcomers

WordPress logo blue

WordPress logo blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I always like to read the reactions of those who joined WordPress for the first time; the majority of the reactions are favourable ones and I would not forget to mention to you, that those newcomers who are displeased with WordPress are in the minority.

A lot of them are amazed about the fact, that their posts are found by others within their WordPress community; enabling them to acquire likes and comments.

Now, if it wasn’t for the WordPress Reader, a lot of them would have still been in doubt as to whether or not, they made the right choice by joining WordPress (The WordPress Reader allows people within their WordPress community to find each other by typing in their favourite category within their WordPress Reader).

From the looks of things, many of the newcomers are having the time of their lives on WordPress (And, I am very happy for them).

It would be great if all of those newcomers would remain with WordPress and see their blogs flourish for years to come instead of abandoning their blogs within a few weeks’ time.

I can remember, the time when I was a newcomer to WordPress; I was amazed at how advanced this blog site was; I was totally blown away by the WordPress Reader; I was amazed by the large quantity of themes that I had to choose from at the time and I was really impressed when I discovered that the WordPress community was a highly supportive one.

Could you remember how you felt when you first joined WordPress?

Were you impressed, or were you displeased? Most likely, you were impressed.

And, I am sure at the time, you were really eager to learn everything about WordPress (Well, I know that I was).

I have many fond memories of WordPress.

Well, the dashboard was certainly different (A lot has changed during the years and for a lot of those people that were on WordPress for some years, the dashboard is almost unrecognisable due to the constant upgrades in a very short space of time).

I also, hope that the newcomers to WordPress do not become highly annoyed when the next wave of upgrades come along.

Anyway, newcomers to WordPress have a way of seeing this blog site with a fresh pair of eyes (And, those eyes of theirs are usually covered with the proverbial rose-tinted glasses).

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