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I Have Decided To Go With Google Plus Comments

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I Invite You To Follow Me On Triberr

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Just Pondering Part 821

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English: The iPad on a table in the Apple case
English: The iPad on a table in the Apple case (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have always wondered: “How many of the younger folks are interested in finding new websites?”

Apparently, most young people today are more interested in social media than going on various websites.

They may check out a pornography site or an online chatroom; but most of the time, they limit their options.

It is very rare to hear a teenager telling you, “Well, I was on the BBC official website when I learned about Greece’s economic situation.”

The biggest irony is: these youths have have access to the internet via their smartphones and on their tablets and many of them would not use it to expand their minds.

There were no smartphones and tablet computers while I was growing up and during those times, children had a greater awareness of things that were happening worldwide.


Because, it was mandatory to watch the nightly news with our parents and we read lots of newspapers and magazines.

But today’s youths can access any type of information on their mobile devices and they do not use them to their fullest potential.

How many youths do you know of that go out of their way to read educational ebooks?

Probably, not many.

We live in the so-called Information Age and some people with internet access (especially, a lot of the younger folks) are still living in a state of ignorance.


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