Just Pondering Part 759

by Renard Moreau

Lovely-Pen.jpgOne of my pet peeves is: posting something immediately that was supposed to be scheduled as a future post; I actually did that with the original Just Pondering Part 759; it was the piece that I did on the Ebola virus; when I saw that happened; I changed the title to: The Ebloa Virus Issue, because I couldn’t have Just Pondering Part 759 being posted before Just Pondering Part 758.

Mistakes do happen (and, I am guessing that my mind was somewhere else when I performed that mishap).

Someone else would have been very angry with themselves if they were to do such a thing; but I quietly sighed and said to myself: “Oh well, that is another great article posted on WordPress.”

What are some of your WordPress mishaps? And, how did you do to overcome them?

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