Just Pondering Part 715

by Renard Moreau

fountain-pen-hi.pngWhat would you do if I didn’t post anything on WordPress for the day? Well, some of you might be a little concerned and others may choose to visit my other blog to see if they noticed any daily postings from me; which would give them a peace of mind, because they would know that I am okay.

It is no secret that I update my posts more than the average blogger (and, this can infuriate a few people; especially, if all they are seeing on their WordPress Reader, are posts from me). As some of you may know, a very small percentage of my followers told me that I was posting too often (Apparently, I hijacked their WordPress Reader).

Honestly, I have made the effort to post less (In the past, my posting frequency was much higher).

Okay, I will not disappear entirely; I will just give your WordPress Reader a little more breathing space; you will see way less of my posts on it from now on.

Maybe, it was time that I focused more on my blog on Google Blogger.

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