Just Pondering Part 707

by Renard Moreau

CigarPen It is always a good idea for parents to communicate regularly with their children; it helps both the parent and the child to understand each other.

Children should not touch their parent’s stuff without asking; chaos can take place when that happens.

A few months ago, someone lent a father an expensive piece of equipment to do a job and his son decided to borrow it (unknown to his father) with the intentions of making some money of his own.

Unfortunately, something went wrong. After the son completed the job that the he had set out to do, he left the expensive piece of equipment unattended and someone went with it.

Could you imagine how horrified the father became when his son told him what had happened to the expensive piece of equipment?

That sort of thing could have been avoided if there were some boundaries set in place — some old-fashioned rules like asking first.

The father had to pay for the lost equipment out of his own stash of money.

Parents please speak to your children about the importance of asking first before taking anything that they might believe is yours; it would be one of the best lessons in life that they would ever learn.

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