Are You Making These Five Blogging Blunders?

by Renard Moreau


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My friend, Kenneth Brauchler, a fabulous poet, told me that he enjoys revisiting my Blogging Tips page; he recommended that I do another article pertaining to my personal brand of blogging advice (Well Kenneth, today is your lucky day, because I followed up on your suggestion. And, guess what? I dedicated this article to you).

Without further ado, let us deeply submerge ourselves in my article:

1.) Lack Of Clarity

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bloggers who are unsure of what they want to write; this shows up in their posts (And, it can leave the reader confused).

Some people have problems sticking to a topic; for example: they may want to write about a great cup of tea and insert additional information that doesn’t pertain to tea; they end up wandering off of the topic — writing about something entirely different.

Now, if you are writing a review for smartphones, you shouldn’t drift off of the topic to tell me about chewing gum.

Also, if you are discussing a topic, you should be fairly knowledgeable about it; if you are not, you are wasting your time as well as the reader’s time.

2.) Unnecessary Babble

You and I have encountered those blogs where the duration of those articles seem to last almost forever; it makes us wonder: “When is this going to come to an end?”

In most instances, people dislike the idea of reading very long articles and they would move along to another post of yours that is shorter in length (Or, the worse case scenario being: they may immediately leave your blog when they see your long article).

It would be in your best interest to get to the point using less words as possible (Now, I am not saying that your article should be short like a tweet, I am merely recommending that you use your discretion where the length of your article is concerned).

3.) Not Keeping Your Readers In The Loop

Most bloggers like to know that they can view the updated posts of those they are following.

If your followers are accustomed to receiving posts from you on a daily basis and you start posting weekly without informing your followers of your changes, you are going to lose them; always keep your readers in the loop about the changes made to your blogging schedule.

4.) No Call-To-Action

There are a lot of bloggers who do not even think of asking their readers to follow their blog via Twitter, Facebook, etcetera.

Also, it never crossed their mind to kindly ask new readers to subscribe to their blog; great opportunities are lost by not doing this.

5.) Failure To Proofread

I have seen my fair share of misspelt words and grammatical errors on the internet and such sloppiness makes the writer look unprofessional (Even though you may be one of the many people doing a personal blog, I highly recommend that you proofread your work); the way in which you present your article says a whole lot about you.

The Conclusion

We might not be superhero bloggers that wear a blogging costume with a matching cape. But, bloggers like ourselves need to strive for a high level of excellence. We need to ask ourselves these questions: “Am I putting out work that is of a high quality?” Or, “Am I producing mediocrity?”

Just because blogging is fun, it doesn’t mean that we should do it in a helter skelter kind of way; it should be done with finesse.

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