Just Pondering Part 692

by Renard Moreau

wordpress.jpgHello fellow bloggers. How have things been going for you? I genuinely hope that life was great for you guys, because I have been having a blast!

For this entire week, I have been checking out some new blogs on WordPress and the majority of the newcomers seem to be pleased with this blog site (And, for the record, I wouldn’t be displeased if they thought that WordPress was not interesting, because WordPress is not for everyone).

As always, a lot of the newcomers are concerned about their blog; they are concerned about coming up with new material for it and they would have you wondering if blogging was a case of Rocket Science; which it isn’t (Unless one is blogging about Rocket Science).

Anyway, blogging should be fun and simple for you (Unless you are a big fan of the complicated).

I have observed that most of the newcomers fall into the trap of trying to impress others; they post daily and eventually they start posting less and less until they no longer have that desire within them to post anything — they end up burning themselves out. As I have said in the past, “Everyone is not able to post on a daily basis.” Therefore, they should post at a rate that they are comfortable with; whether it is a few times a week or weekly, etcetera.

Now, if you have a natural talent for writing on a regular basis and you want to post your work daily like I do, that is fine by me.

The problem arises when you force yourself to do something and once it is forced, the fun aspect of it is absent. The creative aspect of blogging should flow naturally and that is why most bloggers post when they are inspired; inspiration cannot be forced!

Although it is nice to have a plan for your blog, I highly recommend that the newcomers take it as it comes and learn about WordPress at their own rate. Matt Mullenweg and his host of engineers are not going to quiz you about WordPress; it is not some sort of test that you are required to take in order to blog on WordPress.

WordPress may appear somewhat mysterious for some in the beginning. However, I can assure you that you will eventually get the hang of it; I would know, because a few years ago, I was newcomer and today I have created my own brand of blogging magic.

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