Just Pondering Part 691

by Renard Moreau

Silver & Gold Ballpoint PenOkay, I clearly understand that everyone is not well-versed at blogging; but does that give people the right to boast that they were a lazy blogger and that they were neglecting their blog? Hmmm (For the record, I am not insulting anyone. I am merely stating what that blogger said; claiming that they were too lazy to update their posts; I might have looked the other way if they claimed that they were too busy instead).

Now, I don’t expect everyone to update their blog on a regular basis like I do; update your blog whenever you feel like doing so. But, don’t go out of your way to tell me the ridiculous reasons why you couldn’t (Sorry, I don’t like excuses; especially if they are flimsy ones).

Yes, I know that I would make a good drill sergeant. It’s just that I am psychologically conditioned to give my best effort without any sort of excuses.

Although I am a person who likes to have lots of fun, I am serious-minded about blogging.

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