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Month: May, 2014

Multiple Personality Disorder – Documentary

Before The Lord We Bow By Francis Scott Key

Francis Scott Key

Before the Lord we bow, the God Who reigns above,
And rules the world below, boundless in power and love.
Our thanks we bring in joy and praise, our hearts we raise
To Heaven’s high King.

The nation Thou hast blest may well Thy love declare,
From foes and fears at rest, protected by Thy care.
For this fair land, for this bright day, our thanks we pay,
Gifts of Thy hand.

May every mountain height, each vale and forest green,
Shine in Thy Word’s pure light, and its rich fruits be seen!
May every tongue be tuned to praise, and join to raise
A grateful song.

Earth, hear thy Maker’s voice, thy great Redeemer own;
Believe, obey, rejoice, and worship Him alone.
Cast down thy pride, thy sin deplore and bow before
The Crucified.

And when in power He comes, O may our native land,
From all its rending tombs, send forth a glorious band.
A countless throng, ever to sing to Heaven’s high King
Salvation’s song.

The Senile Brigade By Juan Olivarez

Juan Olivarez

I have become
A magnet.
For every teller
Of tall tales.
For every set
Of tired legs
Looking for shade
And a chair.

For every recipient
of a monthly allowance
From Uncle Sam.
For every old timing man
Smelling of cumin
And old spice.

For all the senile citizens
That seek
A little company
And a kind word
While shooting the breeze.
The senile brigade.

A Lost Coconut

A Lost Coconut

Here is the link to the latest article on my other blog: A Lost Coconut

A Quotation About Being Optimistic From Tom Hanks

English: Tom Hanks at a ceremony for George Ha...

English: Tom Hanks at a ceremony for George Harrison to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As long as you as an individual… can convince yourself that in order to move forward fast as best as you can, you have to be optimistic. You can be described as, “One of the faithful,” one of those people who can say, “Well, look, something’s going to happen! Let’s just keep trying. Let’s not give up! — Tom Hanks


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