Is It Any Big Surprise That WordPress Is Still Number One?

by Renard Moreau

wordpress.jpgEvery so often, I surf the internet with the intentions of finding out which blog sites are ranked highly. You would be pleased to know that WordPress is still number one; and that dear friends, is no big surprise to most of you.

As I have said countless times, WordPress is community oriented and it is very easy to locate the type of blogs that you are interested in.

Surprisingly, Blogger comes in at second place, despite many of the bad reviews that it got from a whole lot of bloggers (That means, Google is doing something right).

I know of numerous bloggers who blog on more than one blog site (like myself) and those who have set up their blogs on WordPress seem to like it a whole lot more than the other blog sites that they are a part of.

My primary blog is here on WordPress (the number one blog site) and my secondary blog is on Blogger (the blog site that ranks in second position).

There are times when I often wonder: do WordPress account holders truly know how marvellous their blog site really is? Okay, I will speculate by saying that the majority of them do.

There are some new WordPress bloggers who are unsure if WordPress is right for them (well, it all depends on what the blogger is looking for in a blog site) and the truth is: WordPress is not for everyone; many bloggers came and left with the same speed in which they entered.

I can speak for myself by saying: “WordPress is the most suitable blog site for me.”

So, dears friend, by my first-hand experience with WordPress, I can admit that it is no big surprise for me that WordPress is still number one.

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