I Resisted Temptation And Won

by Renard Moreau

Running ShoeYesterday, I was tempted into not doing my daily exercise routine. An inner voice had whispered, “You don’t have to exercise today; you can spend that extra time in front of your computer and blog instead.” That offer glittered in sparkling gold and as much as I wanted to spend that additional time in front of the computer  blogging, I refused it (Trust me when I tell you that it was a tough decision since I am a hardcore blogger).

Logic kindly whispered, “You can always go on the computer and blog after your daily exercise routine. The internet is not running away.”

And, I did go in front of the computer with the intentions of blogging after my daily exercise routine.

Many of us are tempted on a daily basis. Sometimes we win our battles with temptation and there are times when temptation wins and laughs sinisterly in front of our face as though to indirectly say to you, “Temptation always wins!” But, that is so not true; as you and I both know, that temptation can be pulverized into dust by you.

If I can overcome temptation and come out triumphant, you can too!

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