More Technical Issues

by Renard Moreau

Linksys RouterRecently, my router has been giving me a rather hard time; it keeps dropping my internet feed.

I know for a fact that the issue is not with my modem, because when I connect the laptop directly into the modem via a cord, I receive an internet feed.

Now, I did go through the steps of resetting both the router and the modem; that only rectified the problem temporarily; my internet feed came back for a brief moment and it was gone almost as fast as it had returned (Which to me is, totally annoying).

On the bright side, I can connect up my laptop to the modem; but that would mean not using my wireless router.

Does anyone know why it is I am only getting limited connectivity with my wireless router?

I tried going through the various forums online about the situation relating to my Lynksys router, but some of the people on the forum claimed that it can be an issue with the modem.

At the moment, I am utterly baffled and I wouldn’t mind reading your recommendations in the comments section.

I should have followed my mind and purchased an additional router when I had the chance.

I am hoping to get this technical issue resolved as soon as possible.

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