Are You Losing Your Zeal For Blogging?

by Renard Moreau

Desktop-Computer-D4300-.jpgNow, we are all different, so I don’t expect you to have that zeal and energy to blog in the same capacity as I do. The truth is: not everyone can blog on a daily basis and be an administrator for more than one blog.

To make sure that you do not lose your zeal for blogging, you must do it in a manner that is comfortable for you and most importantly, it must be fun for you as well.

If you are one those those people who could only muster up three posts a week, you may lose the desire to blog if you force yourself to do a fourth and a fifth post within that weekly period.

Don’t force yourself (unless you’re one of those people who get a natural high from challenges). I will reiterate by saying that the whole process of blogging should be a fun one for you and usually when people force themselves to do something, they end up developing an aversion to the thing that they forced themselves to do on a regular basis.

For the record, there is nothing wrong in challenging yourself; going the extra mile to see if you are capable of creating an additional post for the week; but, you must genuinely want to indulge yourself in such an action and not force yourself to comply to the idea of creating an additional post for the week.

Make a mental note of this: forced effort equals no fun!

You must blog at a pace that is comfortable for you in much the same way that a jogger would jog at a pace in which they are comfortable with (I hope that analogy works for you).

Don’t try to be Superman or Superwoman in the blogosphere, because you might burn yourself out or lose the desire to blog entirely.

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