Just Pondering Part 660

by Renard Moreau

Pen 1Luckily for me, I can always muster something to write out of the proverbial thin air — I don’t have writer’s block (And, I thank Infinite Spirit for that).

I have written articles numerous times without knowing how it would have turned out in the end.

I also believe that we all can tap into the inner reservoir of our mind where the genius aspect of ourself lies.

From experience, the trick is: try not to try too hard, because if you do, you are indirectly saying to the Universe, “I do not believe in my abilities.” So, dear friends, you have to adhere strongly to the belief that you can get all of your writing done with ease and it will be so!

Also, if you have grown into the habit of writing on a regular basis, it would eventual become, child’s play.

The major issue is: many bloggers send inadvertent commands (that sabotage them) out into the Universe by thinking (or saying): “I can’t do this!” And, the Universe grants them their wish.

The next time you are faced with this so-called writer’s block, say to yourself in a very positive tone of voice (and, genuinely believe what is being said): “I can do this! Please grant me with the ability to write something spectacular!”

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