Just Pondering Part 640

by Renard Moreau

Man's face screaming/shouting. Stubbly wearing...

Man’s face screaming/shouting. Stubbly wearing glasses. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people are loud by nature; when they talk, they sound as though they are shouting (I am sure that you’ve come across a number of them).

My neighbour has a vociferous cousin; whenever that cousin of his comes to visit him, he shouts down the darn place (I am quite sure that whole neighbourhood hears this guy).

The vociferous type can be found in bars, restaurants, stores and public transportation, to name a few (They are almost everywhere that we can think of).

Are those people aware that they are speaking (or shouting) at a high decibel level?

One may run away from the noise, but at some point in their lives the noise finds their quiet hiding spots.

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