Just Pondering Part 625

by Renard Moreau

Mont Blanc PenI have always believed that blogging is one of the great mediums for self-expression and that everyone is entitled to their point of view.

If you have ever surfed the blogosphere, you would have encountered views that you are in agreement with and of course, those views that you are not in agreement with.

Unfortunately, some bloggers have felt the brunt from other bloggers who are not in agreement with their message.

From a logical perspective, if a person doesn’t understand something, they can have a peaceful debate (instead of one designed with warlike hatred) with the blog’s author.

I would never insult the living daylights out of someone if I wasn’t in agreement with what they wrote.

Firstly, it is there blog.

Secondly, they are entitled to post anything that they like on their blog.

Some people may like war while others make like peace and everyone has the right to express themselves via their blog.

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