Just Pondering Part 620

by Renard Moreau

The new bounty hunter

The new bounty hunter (Photo credit: Olivander)

I have always wondered: Are there any polite bounty hunters on the face of this Earth?

It would be most interesting (and entertaining too) if a bounty hunter walked up to a hardened criminal, flashes his or her credentials and says, “Good day, Sir (or Madam) I am here to take you into custody; it can be done peacefully or by force; the choice is yours.”

The hardened criminal might be in severe shock and forget all about running away (But, then again, hardened criminals like to make the run for it; any chance to escape the law is always at the top of their agenda).

Also, I doubt that any bounty hunter is going to give a hardened criminal the option of being taken into custody peacefully, or by brutal force (Brutal force is always the modus operandi).

Besides, I don’t think that a hardened criminal is going to take the words of a polite bounty hunter seriously.

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