Just Pondering Part 595

by Renard Moreau

Photo credit: marcp_dmoz via photopin cc

Photo credit: marcp_dmoz via photopin cc

We all had days when we felt like doing nothing and all we desired was sleep; in my case, yesterday was one of them. I felt as though something or someone had sucked my energy dry.

Now, there are many things that could contribute to a person’s exhaustion; factors such as overwork, not enough rest and not getting high quality food that is rich in nutrients.

The nice thing about the cells in our body is, that they are filled with infinite wisdom; that is why it knows what to do to repair us and to replenish our energies.

It is also a good idea to listen to the body; it might be urging you to take longer naps; which could be for your well-being (And, who am I to argue with an intelligence that is ageless and omniscient; I might as well obey).

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