Just Pondering Part 402

by Renard Moreau

Desktop-Computer-D4300-.jpgIn the past, I used to pay regular visits to a lady’s blog; it was positive in nature; it started as a simple WordPress sub-domain and it was upgraded to a dot net (.net).

Unfortunately, her blog didn’t last long; it lasted only for a few months.

Many times, I wondered why such a great blog like hers didn’t attract much attention (Unfortunately, I never had an email address for her, because I would have inquired about the deletion of her blog).

I believe that a lot of people would have done the same thing that she did (And of course, there would be a large group of people who would stick with it, because they LOVE blogging and it wouldn’t matter one bit if they had zero followers).

The lady had few followers and two comments per article for the most. There were times when I was the only one who pressed, “Like” and the only one who commented on her article.

She probably thought that her blog was an absolute failure and that she had wasted her time and energy blogging.

Now, if a person’s blog touched the lives of a handful of people, how could that be a failure? I would deem it a success.

I have noticed that a lot of the newcomers (and a lot of the older heads too), do not think about utilizing the power of the social media to promote their blog (By the way, there are a few successful bloggers who don’t use the social media to promote their blog; but their blog was shared by their followers on the followers’ social media; this proves that by sharing the blog via those social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to name a few, the blog acquired a certain level of success).

A person can even go a step further by creating a Facebook page for their blog (In my case, I didn’t create a Facebook page for my blog, because I decided that I would share my blog on my regular Facebook profile-page).

I believe that the lady could have experimented with various methods of promoting her blog with the aid of Networked Blogs and those similar to it (It’s as though she gave up without a fight).

Another thing to place into consideration is: what are some people’s motive for blogging? Are they doing it to be famous? Or, are they doing it for the sheer fun of it? Or, are they doing it to make money? There are those who blog to make extra money by utilizing AdSense, etcetera.

Well, I didn’t see any ads on the lady’s blog. So, I don’t think that acquiring cash via her blog was the motive for her blogging.

Nobody said that blogging would be an easy task. There are countless blogs out there in the blogosphere and yours is like a proverbial grain of sand on a vast beach. A blogger would have to provide their viewers with something unique and intriguing in order to capture their attention and the best way of doing that is to be, You!