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Month: May, 2013

My Love For WordPress Is Strong

WordPressIt is no secret that I am very fond of WordPress; its community is great and the blogs from within its community are wonderful.

Although I LOVE WordPress, I will voice my opinions on their occasional glitches and I would share my opinion on the area that they fell short.

Recently, I mentioned my displeasure of not having the ability to edit the comments made by me on other WordPress blogs (I hope the Happy Engineers read that one).

As they say, “You have to take the bad along with the good,” and I have been doing that with WordPress since the day I joined it.

When a person truly cares about a blog site, they want to see it excel; they want it to be more than it currently is — there is always room for improvement.

I genuinely believe that WordPress can do a hundred times better where their themes are concerned; there are a few that are actually appealing.

However, I have to give them credit for trying to help their bloggers out when they are having blogging issues.

I also have faith that WordPress would evolve into something greater in the future and I hope that I would be alive to witness it.

After all, there is no community like the WordPress community!

Beauty’s Halo By Percy Bysshe Shelley

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Thy beauty hangs around thee like
Splendour around the moon–
Thy voice, as silver bells that strike

Another One Abandoned The WordPress Ship

ShipToday, one of our fellow bloggers said, “Goodbye,” to WordPress; she made the move to Google Blogger. She wanted to try something new and Google Blogger was her choice.

I know that this lady is not the first to leave WordPress and jump across to Google Blogger; many people did it and they found themselves right back here.

I am hoping that she finds a level of satisfaction at her new blogging home; and if she doesn’t, she is more than welcome to rejoin the WordPress family.

The little girl sings like a pro



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