Oppression In The Workplace

by Renard Moreau

I have witnessed with my own eyes the petty victimisation carried out by supervisors; they gave certain employees of theirs a hard time because they hated them for some reason.

Then there are those who are good with the managers; they carry all sorts of news back to the manager about one or a few of the employees and the manager sees to it that those employees who the informer spoke about are given tough tasks at work to do (which is not within their work portfolio or their workloads are increased) or if they are hourly paid workers, the manager would do his or her part to have those employees’ working hours shortened.

Some of those who are victimised are aware of their rights, so they take legal action against the company in which they are employed. Whereas, some simply leave and find jobs elsewhere.

Luckily, oppression doesn’t happen in every work environment.

However, it is my belief that oppression in the work place should not be tolerated. A person should write a letter or send an email to their human resources manager explaining their situation and if that doesn’t work, one can take it to another level by taking legal action against the company.