Just Pondering Part 260

by Renard Moreau

BicAt some point in our lives, there were those people who mistook us for other people; I had my fair share in the past and I would probably undergo a few more in the future.

Many years ago, I was mistaken for a police officer. I was strolling up a hill when a young lady called a family member to come and have a look at the officer who gave a friend of hers a ticket for a traffic offence (They stood there and watched. I was very thankful that they only watched and also for the fact that no violence took place).

One of the worse cases of mistaken identity is were someone thinks that you are a notorious gang-member and they call the police, because you happen to have a strong resemblance to the person in the “Wanted” photo (Luckily, this has never happened to me, but there were others who were not so fortunate).

Another unfortunate scenario is where one mistakes you for their enemy and you have to become highly creative on the spot in defending yourself.

You and I would like to think that only our family members and a handful of relatives may have some of our outstanding facial features. However, due to the various interbreeding of people from various bloodlines, there lies a chance of those people being our distant cousins. After all, wasn’t it said that we are all one big family on Planet Earth?