Just Pondering Part 259

by Renard Moreau

SantaThese days, there are a large percentage of people who are very health conscious; they pay particular attention to their diet, they exercise regularly and they see to it that they get adequate rest.

I believe that Santa’s modernisation is way overdue. It is time to bring him up to speed with the 21st century. So, how would you feel if Santa received a total makeover? Instead of the obese guy, Santa would have a slim or muscular appearance.

I would say that it is more than enough time for him to get his act together (Oh, dear, that statement could get me into big trouble; maybe I should retract it, because it might provide Santa with a good reason to transfer my name to his naughty-list).

Anyway, I am using my imagination here and I have to admit that a slim or muscular Santa may give him the appearance of a superhero instead of the legendary Santa that we all know.

As a kid, I never understood how a fat man was able to slide down a chimney without getting himself stuck in the process; it was hard to comprehend.

After all, Santa’s image is not exactly one of health (Many of you would agree with me on that). However, if Santa was slim or muscular, it would make him the figurative poster-boy for health.

We could all do our part by leaving healthy snacks close to the Christmas tree. Instead of those fattening cookies, we could leave a basket of organically-grown fruit for Santa to munch on.