Just Pondering Part 247

by Renard Moreau

I have noticed as we approach closer to the Christmas Season, I no longer see regular posts from some people on WordPress; I will admit that many of us are very busy during this period.

Although it would be a nice thing to peruse regular posts from you all on WordPress, I am not holding a figurative gun against your heads in order for you all to do so. I am leaving it upon everyone to post when they perceive it to be appropriate.

Promise me that you would not abandon your readers (There are those who haven’t posted a thing since August and I have a very strong suspicion that their WordPress  accounts have been abandoned by their owners).

I will be checking up on you all and I have a feeling that you all would be checking up on me as well.

Blogging can be a sacrifice at times; however, it is always a worthy one to make.