Let Them Try Your Patience

by Renard Moreau

Once you have associated yourself with people, you would know without a doubt that there are some of them who are good at pushing your proverbial buttons. It might me a colleague at work, a family member, or some stranger that you have encountered on the street.

The fact of the matter is: once we become agitated by the words or actions of others, it is a sign to us that we need to work on our composure; we need to master tranquillity.

Think about the numerous times when your anger got you into trouble (And I am sure that you can remember many instances when you lost your cool). Now, here are questions that I would present to you: Was it all called for? Was it necessary to have done the things — especially those things that got you into a whole lot of trouble? And, could you have handled the situation differently?

From experience, the best of decisions were made when my mind was clear and not when I am ill-tempered; it shouldn’t be hard to know that anger can influence outcomes negatively.

Thumbs up to the person who came up with the concept of Taking A Timeout. We need to walk away, or find a method to distract ourselves from such anger.

Breathing exercises, calm contemplation and meditation can help us acquire that tranquil state of mind.

I like looking at it this way: if I have allowed someone to steal my peace of mind, it means that I truly need to do some psychological and spiritual work on myself; when that happens it is always a great idea to thank that person silently or aloud for the revelation.