Just Pondering Part 191

by Renard Moreau

I could remember the days when almost everyone owned a diary.

Back then, I used them to store important phone numbers, birthdays, anniversaries and appointments. I never used them to jot down my daily adventure, because those diaries only provided the user with one page per day.

I clearly remembered its format; there were times provided for each line. For example, in front of line one, one would see 12:00 AM and the other line would be followed by 1:00 AM; each line was in chronological order.

The times have surely changed. These days, I hardly see the usage of diaries in The Republic Of Trinidad And Tobago. You would quicker see them being used by the older generation — those who are not tech-savvy and prefer to keep things “Old School.”

I wouldn’t doubt the fact that they are still used regularly by many people in various countries around the world.

Every time I think of diaries, I can happily say that the nature of those thoughts are pleasant ones.