Using A Microwave Oven Can Be Risky

by Renard Moreau

The Argument

Some scientists have claimed that using a microwave oven is relatively safe, because they are tested to make sure that they are working without any flaws (You and I intuitively know that manmade items are not 100% flawless and that there are always some sort of surprise waiting to happen; they are usually the unpleasant kind).

The Manner In Which Microwaves Work

Microwaves, to put it simply are: very short waves of electromagnetic energy that travel at the speed of light.

The microwave oven uses alternating current; this is known to reverse polarity at a high rate; this by the way, causes the water molecules to vibrate and heat up.

Some Reasons Why Microwave Ovens Are Detrimental To Our Health

The seals of the doors of some microwave ovens are known to leak with age; once this happens, the person using the microwave oven can be harmed, because an average of 2.45 billion hertz is generated within the microwave oven. A human being can be severely harmed when 10 hertz and more are generated.

Some Harmful Effects Caused By Microwave Ovens

•A person’s immune system is weakened


•Birth defects

•Impaired cognition

•Vision and eye problems

The Question That We Should All Ask Ourselves 

Since a microwave oven can cause someone to become ill, why should it be used within the household?

The Conclusion

Many people are putting their health at risk by using a microwave oven. Mother Nature never intended human beings to prepare their food in such a manner. If you consider your health to be precious, I would advise discontinuing the usage of the microwave oven; that is provided that you own one.