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Month: August, 2012

A Little Plant With Big Character

When I saw this plant, I smiled, because it was beautiful, neat-looking and fun to look at; so I took the liberty of photographing this little beauty. Enjoy!

Playing Around With Browsers

Recently, I surfed the internet with the intentions of finding out which was the number one browser; ironically, I received numerous answers where this is concerned. So, I can safely say that it is all a matter of preference.

The top favourites among many were: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera. I wasn’t too surprised when I noticed that Internet Explorer wasn’t on the top of the list.

In the past, Internet Explorer was painfully slow and that gave it a bad reputation.

I have to admit, that Internet Explorer 9 is way faster than its previous versions (So, I have seen an improvement where speed is concerned).

Occasionally, I would use Mozilla Firefox; in my opinion, it works well (It is a secure browser which is trusted by many people around the world).

Where fast browsing is concerned, Chrome and Safari gets the job done!

In regards to functionality, I adore Opera’s “Speed dial” feature; a person’s favourite websites can be stored within large boxes that appear in order on the computer’s monitor (That is the simplest way that I can describe it).

I think that I need to use RockMelt more often; it is a browser that I hardly use and it is one which is recommended for those avid Facebook users, because it keeps a person in touch with their Facebook account (Actually, I am more interested in finding out if it is a reasonably fast and secure browser).

I think that by trying out the various browsers, a person may be in a better position to see which one fits their needs and their liking; which without a doubt, will vary from person to person.

People Go Bananas For Bananas

Today, I decided to share a photograph of some bananas with my loyal followers. Enjoy!

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So Much For Privacy

Whenever I surf the internet, I always come across some amazing and sometimes very shocking news; this time, it is about the FBI contemplating the creation of a database that stores people’s tattoos. Here is a link that provides further details:

The Importance Of Vitamin B12 From The Vegan’s Perspective

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