Creative Or Crazy?

by Renard Moreau

For some strange reason, my dog, Princess, is not too fond of bathing. She would usually hesitate to get wet.

When I turned on the water to bathe her, I started singing in a soothing manner and I smiled at her to let her know that everything was alright; it worked; she was relatively calm throughout her bath. Under normal circumstances, she would run away, before the bathing procedure could be finished — like a con making a prison break!

Singing can really have a positive effect on animals.

While I sang soothingly to my dog, I reminisced about Alex’s situation; he wanted to photograph some cows, but they were too far away. Alex knowing quite well that cows are endowed with highly sensitive hearing, sang to them from a distance; they came closer to hear his voice, enabling him the opportunity to acquire the much needed pictures of those cows.

I was thinking: if a person was startled by a wild animal in the forest, they should utilize their voice by making soothing sounds instead of screaming frantically (Now, I cannot guarantee you that this method would actually work with bears).

I am of the belief that certain frequencies of sound can have a negative or a positive effect upon all living organisms. It was even alleged during the Biblical period that David’s harp-playing was capable of soothing the most vicious of beasts.

In my humble opinion, I think that this is something that everyone should look into.