Just Pondering Part 138

by Renard Moreau

How many times have you encountered a very long post? Did you change your mind about reading it? Or, did you read every word without hesitation?

I have to admit that long posts are not for everyone — it can be a very cumbersome task for most people to read a post that comprises of over 500 words.

These days, there are a lot of people who are into managing their time wisely; they devote a certain amount of their time to surfing the internet (The chances of these people reading long posts are rather slim).

Honestly speaking, if I am pressed for time and I noticed that your post was of a lengthy nature, I would bookmark it, so it could be read whenever I have free time on my hands.

The irony is: there is a market out there for everyone; it caters for those who like short posts and also for those who enjoy long posts.

For the record, there are those who can get away with writing long posts; their devoted readers know what to expect and they enjoy every word.

Yes, I do read long posts from various people and I enjoyed reading their articles; people like Wes Annac and Fran Zepeda are great at it; most of their information are of a channelled nature and every word matters (In my opinion, it would be rude to edit the important messages that were relayed by the Pleiadian High Council, Yeshua, Sananda and the Galactic Federation).

Then there are those who seem to try our patience by elaborating about nothing.

Obviously, you would know a high quality post when you encounter it; it would be one where the information provided was most beneficial to you (In that case, it wouldn’t have mattered to you if it was long or short).