Some Nice Tips For Old And New Bloggers Part 3

by Renard Moreau

How many times have you asked yourself the question, what am I going to write today? Being human, you probably did so many times when you turned on your computer.

The best method that works for me is engaging myself in a topic that I am most passionate about.

What about you? Is there a topic that you are most passionate about? Oh, I am sure there is!

Also, writing about a topic that you have a passion for makes it easier on you — the writer.

If you wish, you can make a short list of things that you are passionate about by writing them down in a journal, so the next time that your mind goes blank, you would have a reminder.

One of the reasons that people get writer’s block is because of an increased level of anxiety.

When we are not sure about what topic we would like to discus with our readers, anxiety kicks in; this can be solved by writing about our passions.

And if you are writing about what you truly hold a passion for, it is less likely for you to abandon your blog.

Always write about the things that you are passionate about; it will always work out in your best interest as a writer.