What Is The Meaning Of This?

by Renard Moreau

Someone decided to rid theirself of an old vehicle; however, they went about it in the wrong manner. This old vehicle was placed on someone’s private property (Which is open to everything and everyone).

I had no idea that the junk yard had moved (Hey, I am just kidding about that).

To make matters worse, this private property is part of a residential area; it is quite an eyesore; the abandoned vehicle and the tall bush growing around it.

Does the owner of the property know what is transpiring on their land?

They will find out eventually when they come to trim the tall bush.

In regards to the abandoned vehicle, I don’t believe that it should be there; it should be placed in a scrap-metal yard.

I have also noticed that there are people who care nothing much about environmental concerns.

Those who live in the community should not have the cause to endure this.

The owner of that property needs to act quickly; things are already out of hand!