Month: May 2012

Just Pondering Part 120

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When it comes to advertising, companies would spend a huge set of money to promote their products effectively. In some cases, some of them have ventured in the area of false advertising. Have you ever wondered if these products that are advertised does what the advertiser says it can do?

In regards to these popular diet schemes, it is more exaggeration than anything else (The truth is written in fine print and very few people actually go through the trouble of reading the fine print; they also fail to realize the real reason why it is in fine print in the first place).

Do you blindly believe everything that is advertised via the electronic media? I hope not!

Before spending your hard-earned cash on a product, do some investigative research. Find out if the product is worth buying and if it does what it was created to do.

The last thing you would want to do is to purchase useless junk.

Allow commonsense to prevail!

My Way Of Dealing With Spam

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I have to admit that I receive a lot of spam on a daily basis on WordPress; luckily for me, Akismet takes great care of them.

Out of curiosity, I would go through every comment that Akismet classed as spam; I have wondered: how many of these comments were computer generated? And, how many of them were actual comments from human beings?

I am guessing that some of you have never checked your spam.

While others may find it to be a minor annoyance, I deem it all to be rather interesting.

Fannie’s Coconut Trees

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My friend, Fannie is one of the luckiest ladies in her community.

Every so often, businessmen would offer to purchase her entire load of coconuts on the tree.

Coconut water is a very popular beverage in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Nutritionists have claimed that coconut water is more beneficial to the body than those sugary energy drinks on the market.

Coconut trees are not only popular on our local beaches, they can also be found in the yards of many homes throughout the country.

Fannie happens to be one of the many people with easily accessible coconuts. Isn’t she lucky or what?

What Is The Meaning Of This?

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Someone decided to rid theirself of an old vehicle; however, they went about it in the wrong manner. This old vehicle was placed on someone’s private property (Which is open to everything and everyone).

I had no idea that the junk yard had moved (Hey, I am just kidding about that).

To make matters worse, this private property is part of a residential area; it is quite an eyesore; the abandoned vehicle and the tall bush growing around it.

Does the owner of the property know what is transpiring on their land?

They will find out eventually when they come to trim the tall bush.

In regards to the abandoned vehicle, I don’t believe that it should be there; it should be placed in a scrap-metal yard.

I have also noticed that there are people who care nothing much about environmental concerns.

Those who live in the community should not have the cause to endure this.

The owner of that property needs to act quickly; things are already out of hand!


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Wow! Time has flown! Some of us find it hard to believe that we are in the last day of May.

With June right around the corner, we are hoping to wrap up any loose ends where our business and personal life is concerned.

Let us not worry too much about what surprises June has in stored for us (I am expecting more rain by the way).

In the meantime, I will do my utmost to enjoy this day, since every day in my opinion is a blessed one.

I will also be keeping an eye out for anything that I find interesting.

Just Pondering Part 119

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When I was a young boy, I was never pleased with the idea of people trying to force their religious ideology on me; even though I am an adult now, the feeling is still the same.

In most cases, we are born into a religion. (That doesn’t mean that you have to remain a member of that particular religion; you are always free to change it if you want to).

One of my pet-peeves is: religions that claim that they are the only true path to God (I always thought that there was something wrong with that picture).

In my humble opinion, people should be free to worship God/Goddess in any manner that they choose.

I have said on numerous occasions, “One can lead a spiritual life without being religious.”

RIM Is Not Giving Up

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Although Research In Motion Limited (RIM) had themselves a rough financial year, they are still pushing the sales of their products.

BlackBerry smartphones seem to be selling well in the Caribbean and Latin American countries.

In Northern America and Europe, BlackBerry is receiving stiff competition from the other brands of smartphones that operate with the Android OS.

Could this Canadian company impress new customers with their new line of smartphones? And, are they capable of holding on to their old customers? I guess, we will have to wait and see.