The Alien Issue Part 3

by Renard Moreau

Astronomers have discovered many planets recently — planets like GJ 1214b, 2003UB313, Kelper-34b and Kelper-35b to name a few.

Many of us suspect that there are more planets in space than we could ever count in a lifetime.

One day, things are going to change — a major change that could have humanity on Earth questioning everything that they have learned about life and the universe as they know it.

There are many people who would say to you that Earth is not the only inhabitable planet and one day, science will prove their suspicions to be correct.

There is information rampant on the internet about alien races that have visited our planet in the past — like the Anunnaki, Pleiadians and Sirians.

What is even more amazing is: there are countless people around the world who have seen strange flying objects in the sky which are yet to be identified.

Many of us also suspect that information of this nature is being suppressed (There are many speculations as to whom is responsible).

The late Lobsang Rampa mentioned in his books that the Buddhist monks in Tibet had lots of interactions with alien lifeforms.

Even the Native American Indians speak of alien visitors.

Isn’t it time that the masses knew the truth? I am quite sure that many of you wouldn’t mind meeting your galactic and intergalactic cousins.