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Month: February, 2012

Please Stop Littering Part 2

I am displeased about the fact that there are some people who litter indiscriminately. I asked myself, “What kind of person does acts of such a hideous nature?” I came up with this concept: some people litter because they believe in separateness; their current idea about life is limited and they don’t adhere to the belief that all life is interconnected.

Unfortunately, not everyone believes that the planet that they live on is alive. So, out of ignorance, they leave a trail of garbage everywhere they go. I have seen people discard their refuse through their car window; when they were finished with their snack and soda, the wrapper along with the empty bottle ended up at the side of the road.

For the record, litter can block drains resulting in floods. It can also become a breeding ground for rodents which could contribute to widespread diseases.

Children need to learn the importance of keeping their environment clean; learning a whole lot about Gaia can help with this, because when they learn that the planet that they live on is alive, they will approach life differently.

In the meantime, everyone can do their part by placing refuse in garbage bags and in designated bins throughout their neighbourhood.

The Alien Issue Part 3

Astronomers have discovered many planets recently — planets like GJ 1214b, 2003UB313, Kelper-34b and Kelper-35b to name a few.

Many of us suspect that there are more planets in space than we could ever count in a lifetime.

One day, things are going to change — a major change that could have humanity on Earth questioning everything that they have learned about life and the universe as they know it.

There are many people who would say to you that Earth is not the only inhabitable planet and one day, science will prove their suspicions to be correct.

There is information rampant on the internet about alien races that have visited our planet in the past — like the Anunnaki, Pleiadians and Sirians.

What is even more amazing is: there are countless people around the world who have seen strange flying objects in the sky which are yet to be identified.

Many of us also suspect that information of this nature is being suppressed (There are many speculations as to whom is responsible).

The late Lobsang Rampa mentioned in his books that the Buddhist monks in Tibet had lots of interactions with alien lifeforms.

Even the Native American Indians speak of alien visitors.

Isn’t it time that the masses knew the truth? I am quite sure that many of you wouldn’t mind meeting your galactic and intergalactic cousins.

Stop Worrying So Much

There are a lot of people on the planet who are great at worrying; this habit of theirs probably developed from childhood (Most of what we have learned is by observing our parents and those around us in our formative years).

Luckily, with effort and practice, the habit of worrying can be broken; this is done by exercising faith. Just remember what the Holy Bible said about having the faith the size of a grain of mustard seed.

The more you exercise faith, is the less you worry. Besides, excessive worrying is bad for you. The negative habit of worrying can actually deplete your health (Now, that can’t be good).

As I have always said: “If you truly have faith in the Divine, you wouldn’t even dream about wasting your precious moments worrying.”

Experimenting With The Google+ App

I recently downloaded the Google+ application on my BlackBerry smartphone; the Google+ application is a beta version; so it’s not 100% effective; however, I can work along with it, despite the fact that the messenger aspect of it doesn’t work.

In a past post, I mentioned that I hardly use the Google+ social network; so I am not really bothered about the app’s limitations at the moment.

The irony is: I was eagerly awaiting the release of this app; it was available for the iPhone and Android users for quite sometime.

Now, BlackBerry smartphone users can find the Google+ application on App World.

People Will Always Speculate

These days, you can hear all sorts of things about people in the music and movie industry.

Some people are saying that the “top dogs” are members of the illuminati or are controlled by the illuminati.

Recently, I watched a video that gave detailed explanations on illuminati symbolism; I found it to be rather interesting.

I am sure that there are some highly famous celebrities who have no illuminati ties whatsoever. However, if you are doing well financially, most people tend to think that you are involved in something sinister; strange, but true!


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