Month: January 2012

Just Pondering Part 29

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Although I have stated to many that I am not at all fond of Facebook’s Timeline, I will continue using it in a positive manner (There is no way of going back now. I switched to the new format and the system isn’t allowing me to undo it).

Apparently the engineers had pictures in mind; this is quite evident by the larger pictures on the Timeline format.

Anyway, I will continue to post positive messages.

So far, the homepage looks the same; from there, I will continue to read your posts and comment on a few of them.

In reality, life will definitely go on with all the format changes on Facebook.

Just recently, someone mentioned to me about the Facebook censorship issue; it’s real!

Facebook is always filled with surprises; some pleasant and some not so pleasant.

There are those who predict that Facebook’s popularity is going to diminish (I am not in a position to debate this. There are other social networks out on the worldwide web and one of them could rise to number one).

I might as well learn to utilize my Google+ account; I haven’t done much with it since my friend Lori invited me. Back then, Google+ was relatively new and under technological construction.

I am thinking: maybe it’s time I explored other social networks.

No Glass Bottles Or Glass Containers Are Allowed For Carnival In Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

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Port-of-Spain’s Mayor, Mr. Louis Lee Sing, announced on 26th of January of this year, that glass bottles and glass containers will not be allowed in the city of Port-of-Spain; this ban on bottles and other containers that are made of glass comes into effect from Carnival Friday and goes all the way through to Carnival Tuesday.

The Mayor also said that anyone found in violation will be fined $1000 or be imprisoned for a period of three months.

The whole intent is: to make Carnival in Port-of-Spain a safer place for everyone.

In the past, glass bottles were used as weapons.

I am thinking: if Mr. Louis Lee Sing’s plan works, no glass bottles or glass containers at Carnival-time in Port-of-Spain, may become the new protocol.

The Changing Landscape

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I can remember a time in the past when I took long walks to the river; on the way there, one could see cashew-nut trees that were located on both the left and right hand sides of a stony track — that was considered by most of us at the time, as a lovely change of scenery; a lovely getaway from the well-developed “Concrete Jungle”.

Today, the path to the river has well-paved roads with houses on both sides — the rustic feel is no longer there; the place has electricity, pipe-borne water and appears to be highly populated.

Throughout the country, houses are popping up in places where there were lots of trees, bush, plants and bamboo.

In the future, in order to experience some flora and fauna, one may have to book hikes with a reputable guide or venture into the deep forested areas by ourselves.

Is this the price we must pay for what is commonly referred to as, “Modern Development”?

There are some places that have maintained their natural beauty and are untampered by any form of building structures; but in time to come that too could become a distant memory, since housing projects are on the rise.

Just Pondering Part 28

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Believe it or not, there are a lot of people on Facebook who have never posted a picture of themselves; I actually have a few of those kinds of people on my friends’ list.

I was never really one for photographs. It took me quite a very long time before I posted a picture of me (I only did that, because I had people who requested that I uploaded a picture of myself).

Then again, it’s called Facebook and it would be somewhat unusual not see someone’s face as their profile picture.

I am of the firm belief that people should have every right to keep their real identity a secret if it is their desire to do so.

The truth is: not everyone likes being in front of a camera. Not all people enjoy having their picture taken; some view it as an intrusion into their personal lives.

We all know of people who enjoy being in photographs. They are willing to pose for a picture anywhere at anytime; there is nothing wrong in that.

The choice of uploading pictures of yourself or not uploading pictures of yourself on Facebook is entirely up to you!

Just Pondering Part 27

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I have noticed that there are some people on Facebook who I haven’t seen since I joined.

Awhile back, I checked the profile pages of some of my friends; there were a few that appeared to be abandoned by their owners. One showed the typed greetings by old friends on their wall, while the other showed no activity.

I have been wondering: are some people losing their interest in Facebook?

I know for a fact, that I have friends who log on a few days a week just to say, “Hello,” and to catch up on the latest goings on of their friends.

Now, Facebook plans on giving everyone Timeline; there are many who are displeased with this idea; one of them actually said to me that when it happens, they might abandon Facebook and create an account on My Space.

In my opinion, there will be those who choose to stay and then there are those who will leave.

In spite of all of this, Facebook appears to be one of the most popular social networks on the planet.

Just Pondering Part 26

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Today, I tried to rid myself of Facebook’s Timeline. I missed the old layout of Facebook. The layout of Timeline appears to be somewhat scattered, while the older version is more organized and easier on the eye.

At intervals throughout the day, I watched Youtube videos that promised to remove the unwanted Timeline from my Facebook account; unfortunately, they didn’t work; it would of been nice if they did.

The fact is: everybody’s account would rollover into this new Timeline.

I didn’t mind having it back the way it was before and would have accepted the change when Facebook felt that it was time to switch everyone over.

I am rather curious to find out which one of Facebook’s geniuses came up with Timeline.

Some people have mentioned that they might deactivate their Facebook accounts when the official change takes place.

At the moment, I am stuck with it. I will delve into it further and learn all I can about it.

Just Pondering Part 25

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I have noticed that there are a lot of young folks who spell words incorrectly; those of you who browse social networks via the internet will know what I am talking about.

I will admit that once you are typing quickly, there is a small chance that you may make an error where spelling is concerned (The simple fact is, once you have spelt any word incorrectly on a computer, it is immediately highlighted by a red line underneath the word; the biggest irony is: most people ignore this).

Part of the problem I believe is lack of practice. Although there are a lot of young people graduating from school, they hardly put their writing skills to use in the so-called, “Real World.”

Another part of the problem could be the manner in which they communicate. The lingo that they utilize is the kind that is comprised of a particular form of shorthand writing; with this, they no longer have to write the full words or sentences.

In my humble opinion, I believe that if you practice the right things that pertain to proper grammar and correct spelling, you would not have problems where writing is concerned.