Just Pondering Part 8

by Renard Moreau

Although I might be talented at writing blogs, I still have my flaws. For example: when my blog was shaping up nicely, I accidentally deleted it (I didn’t get angry. I simply wrote another one β€” this time: one pertaining to a whole different topic).

I will admit that I am a little exhausted; both mentally and physically (Errors do have a way of popping up themselves whenever we are in this state).

Besides, I am also curious to know what I am capable of doing in a lethargic state.

I will also admit, that I am capable of writing a blog of higher quality in a rested state.

In my case, experimenting is good; it lets me know what I am capable of. I have noticed that even when my mind is somewhat tired, I can write way better than most people who have slept well β€” strange, but true. Now, just imagine what I could write when I am well-rested? The evidence is in my blog archive.

I was also thinking: if a person really LOVE something, they can do it with ease whether they are tired or not!