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Month: November, 2011

Just Pondering Part 4

Being multi-talented, I can write a blog while doing laundry (Hmmm. I wonder: how many people can really do that?).

Thinking back, my day went pretty well despite the fact that the manager made us work an hour later.

While others were thinking about going home to sleep or party, my mind was focused on laundry.

I also had the pleasure of listening to some old-school love songs. It was a while since I listened to Diana Ross (I consider this a privilege).

I also called my dad on my smartphone and wished him, “Happy Birthday!”

My smartphone was also used to update my posts on Facebook.

Life in my opinion is great. And why should I complain when I can simply adjust?

I am one of those people who like to sip tea and thank the Universe for the opportunity for the lessons learned and to be on Earth at this point in time.

I also had fun with my dog, Princess. We played a game where I kicked the ball to her and then she brought it back to me to repeat the process (This was done in the middle of my laundry period too).

Always remember: with a little creativity on our behalf anything can become fun!

Recreation Is Good For Us

Earlier today, I was at my DJ’s house. He started his mix session with lounge music and made a gradual transition into house music.

He encouraged me to go on the music system to try my hand at mixing; I accepted the offer and I am happy that I did so (For the record, I was once a disc jokey in my earlier years).

At first, we were playing separate sessions; it was okay. The excitement started when we began playing as a team. I would play a track and he would mix in another musical track perfectly in time to the music that I started with on the
system. Then, I would choose a random track with the same BPM (Beats Per Minute) and mix it in time to what he had placed into the player; this went on for hours. The mixing was impromptu and live. It was as though we were in synch with each other on a musical level.

Before, I started the mix session with my DJ, I was low on energy and could have slept for the entire day.

I left his house feeling rejuvenated. The mix session was my form of recreation and we all know that recreation can rescue one’s psyche from the so-called stresses that we encounter at our places of employment.

This goes to show that recreation helps to keep us well-balanced and sane.

Just Pondering Part 3

I have noticed that there are many talented people who seem to have their gifts on hold; they are not being utilized.

For example: I have a friend who is quite a talented dj. However, his day job is way different; I know a lot of people who are talented in one area and they do something else because it brings in the finances.

Now, I was thinking that we were blessed with certain talents for a particular reason. I really don’t think that God would give us talents to just place on a figurative shelf and then forget all about them.

I also believe that once we do something that we are talented at, it is done with little resistance, or no resistance at all.

Be brave. Take a chance in allowing your talent to become your new career. Take small steps. For example: if you are good at singing, you could sing with a band at a club in your neighbourhood (This is just a suggestion. You can exercise your creativity where this is concerned).

Now, isn’t it time we let the Jack out of the box?

The Smartphone Craze

Smartphones are quite popular. They are loved by a wide age group; the young and the old alike.

Having a smartphone can work to your advantage. However, it has its disadvantages.

One advantages is: your internet is mobile. You can have it everywhere you go.

The disadvantage is: these smartphones can be a major distraction. For example, there are people who utilize their BlackBerry Messenger while they are driving on a busy road; a dangerous practice!

This may sound a bit funny to some, however, this is quite serious: in the past, a young lady was texting; she was not paying attention to where she was walking and she fell into a manhole.

If you are one of those who use public transport, you would notice heavy smartphone usage among the passengers on the buses, cars and trains.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The smartphone is not a bad thing (For the record, I own one), the manner in which we use these devices speaks volumes in the figurative sense; whether it’s bad or good.

Just Pondering Part 2

In the past, I have done things that some people deem impossible. For example, in a so-called difficult job market, I left jobs and acquired other forms of employment soon after.

This thought came to mind: many people watch television. They listen to these news reporters and blindly believe the things that they say, because they are perceived as authority figures or truth bearers. These news reporters go into full detail about the economy from their perspective; which obviously is not a good one. They fill your mind with stories of inflation, high levels of unemployment and about those who are figuratively scraping to make ends meet.

I will also say this: the wise ones have often stated this common Biblical verse, “According to your belief it is done unto you.”

My theory is: there are a lot of people who have adopted belief systems that work against them. For example: if you have a strong belief that you would be afflicted by poverty, you eventually end up attracting this; it manifests itself into your reality.

Now, if a person believes in the opposite, that too will come to pass. Is it so hard for many of us to believe that we live in an abundant Universe?

I will also note that the subconscious mind accepts our dominant beliefs.

Please be aware of the things that you say in your mind and the things that you speak aloud; we have to account for all of our thoughts and words. So, there is no need to visualize the media’s idea of a declining economy or to speak to your friends, associates, family and relatives about the worst to come.

Believe in the best and it shall be yours!


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