Enjoying My Day Off

by Renard Moreau

Most people usually relax on their day off — I did just that.

As it rained, I was in bed listening to the sound of raindrops on the roof.

I also browsed the internet right from the comfort from my bed; the laptop was utilized to make updates on the social networks.

I made it my priority to get out of bed eventually to acquire sustenance.

Just for the fun of it, I played with two cellular phones; one from each of the country’s service providers.

For the first time, TSTT surpassed Digicel (I found this rather interesting as well as humorous. Oh well, I guess that companies do have their bad days).

I also listened to some of my favourite music (The categories are way too numerous to mention). I also hoped that I didn’t scare the neighbours by playing a Rob Zombie tune that was remixed in a Dubstep style (I believe that my discretion was used where the volume level was concerned).

I also watched a few of the Abraham-Hicks and Bashar videos on Youtube (Very enlightening and fun to watch at the same time).

No day of mine would be complete without tea; I had that too!

The main thing is: I had fun on my day off.