Major Changes

by Renard Moreau

I have people who LOVE my blogs; when I don’t write them they become somewhat concerned.

This week in particular, I was thinking about reinventing myself where my career is concerned. I was thinking about getting another job — one that would allow me to have more quality time for myself.

Although I started it almost a month now, I am contemplating on starting something new (I think that I have every right to do so).

At work, they were making some strange demands (The irony is: the company no longer issues contracts to their workers; this leaves room for management to manoeuvre you as they please).

I would rather leave on good terms instead of staying there until things turned sour.

It is also my opinion that a person should know especially when they have had enough (These days, people are doing things outside of their portfolio to keep their jobs).

Another thing too is: you never receive your salary on time at that company (Although I haven’t called the name of the company, this blog of mine has the potential to ruffle a few figurative feathers especially if someone at work reads this. Guess what? I am not afraid of being fired either).

Things have a way of working out well for me and I know that the Universe will support me fully in regards to my decision of moving on into something new.