Allowing Children The Opportunity To Embrace Their Talents

by Renard Moreau

There are some families where the children follow the tradition of their parents and grandparents; an example of this would be a case where the father is a farmer and to make a livelihood, they are trained to follow their father’s footsteps.

My cousin is a school teacher (I believe that she wanted to bet a vet), however, her mother pushed her in the direction of a teaching job (Her mother is a former teacher by the way). I have seen many similar things like this happen. Parents influencing their children to be things that they think would best suit them and some of them actually believe that the child is way too young and immature to make a decision where their career is concerned.

It is my sincere belief that children are born with certain talents. For example: young Tommy seems to be quite versed at any musical instrument that he puts his little hands on. Any observant parent would notice that the child is gifted in music; particular attention would be placed in that field. Young Tommy has the potential of becoming a professional musician.

Unfortunately, there are parents who may notice that their child is gifted and send them negative vibes by telling them: “This is nice. However, I do not have the finances to send you to music classes. Maybe you should be a chef like your daddy.”

Then there are the opposite type of parents who would work two jobs so they can pay for the course that their child is naturally talented in.

Children have so much to offer this world and the most we can do is to give them our full support. Smile and tell them: “Follow your dreams and believe that you can achieve them!”