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Month: September, 2011

Major Changes

I have people who LOVE my blogs; when I don’t write them they become somewhat concerned.

This week in particular, I was thinking about reinventing myself where my career is concerned. I was thinking about getting another job — one that would allow me to have more quality time for myself.

Although I started it almost a month now, I am contemplating on starting something new (I think that I have every right to do so).

At work, they were making some strange demands (The irony is: the company no longer issues contracts to their workers; this leaves room for management to manoeuvre you as they please).

I would rather leave on good terms instead of staying there until things turned sour.

It is also my opinion that a person should know especially when they have had enough (These days, people are doing things outside of their portfolio to keep their jobs).

Another thing too is: you never receive your salary on time at that company (Although I haven’t called the name of the company, this blog of mine has the potential to ruffle a few figurative feathers especially if someone at work reads this. Guess what? I am not afraid of being fired either).

Things have a way of working out well for me and I know that the Universe will support me fully in regards to my decision of moving on into something new.

Allowing Children The Opportunity To Embrace Their Talents

There are some families where the children follow the tradition of their parents and grandparents; an example of this would be a case where the father is a farmer and to make a livelihood, they are trained to follow their father’s footsteps.

My cousin is a school teacher (I believe that she wanted to bet a vet), however, her mother pushed her in the direction of a teaching job (Her mother is a former teacher by the way). I have seen many similar things like this happen. Parents influencing their children to be things that they think would best suit them and some of them actually believe that the child is way too young and immature to make a decision where their career is concerned.

It is my sincere belief that children are born with certain talents. For example: young Tommy seems to be quite versed at any musical instrument that he puts his little hands on. Any observant parent would notice that the child is gifted in music; particular attention would be placed in that field. Young Tommy has the potential of becoming a professional musician.

Unfortunately, there are parents who may notice that their child is gifted and send them negative vibes by telling them: “This is nice. However, I do not have the finances to send you to music classes. Maybe you should be a chef like your daddy.”

Then there are the opposite type of parents who would work two jobs so they can pay for the course that their child is naturally talented in.

Children have so much to offer this world and the most we can do is to give them our full support. Smile and tell them: “Follow your dreams and believe that you can achieve them!”

Enjoying Life

It’s up to us to enjoy our lives. We all have the power within us to make the best of what life throws at us in the figurative sense.

As strange as this may sound to some, by changing your perspective of something that you found rather boring or tiring can definitely work in your favour. For example, the job that you barely tolerated can be an enjoyable one.

Then there is moderation. If you overdo something, its benefits can be lost entirely. Besides, if you overdo a good thing, all the fun is lost.

Make the time to smell the roses; it is way better than complaining about life and wishing you had smelled those roses.

Having a sense of humour helps. Find something that makes you laugh. Go to a comedy show or pay attention to the playful antics of a pet. Just in case you didn’t know, laughter keeps us healthy.

Also, take risks in life; this is part of the growth process. You will definitely find life a little more interesting when you conquer old fears and learn new things.

Don’t forget to give back to the community. You can teach the younger generation what you have learned; many people find enjoyment by doing this.

By having a positive attitude towards life and faith in the Divine helps one to enjoy life tremendously!

My Barber Finally Decided To Take A Vacation

My barber finally made up his mind about taking a vacation (The last time he did that was approximately two years ago). He says that he has intentions of taking two weeks (I don’t blame him at all. He has every right to).

I can tell you for sure that a lot of his clients are going to feel the figurative pinch.

Nigel, the barber, is very good at what he does. For example, a person can afford to fall asleep on the barber’s chair and awake to see an extremely neat haircut with little instructions given by the client.

The last time the barber took his vacation, we decided on the option of getting our haircut by another barber — which we all regretted later; everyone was displeased!

There are many barbering salons throughout the country. Hopefully, Nigel’s clients can locate a skilled barber during his vacation period (Since we were all informed by him in advance).

The way I look at it is: it’s not the end of the world, and hopefully two weeks should fly quickly. He really need his vacation and I am very supportive of his decision.

I Respect Quietude

I genuinely believe that there is a time and place for everything.

No one really likes noise 24 hours a day.

However, if you are at a discotheque, you would be tolerant in regards to the loud music being played (The reason being: that is what you payed your money for).

Then, there are those moments when you want to reflect on life; a quiet ambience is most suited for this.

We need silence to hear our Soul’s message. Many people would benefit greatly if they took a few minutes daily to contemplate or meditate.

In today’s world, we are saturated with so much noise — blaring radios, car horns and sirens to name a few.

A long evening stroll in a quiet area where there are a lot of trees and exotic plants certainly works wonders for nerves that are somewhat irritated.

Quietude is essential for our well-being; I gladly accept it whenever it is available to me.

Besides, an overdose of noise will certainly send you crazy!


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