Always Count Your Blessings

by Renard Moreau

There are some people who are in the constant habit of complaining about everything. You could provide them with a free meal and they would look for faults. They may complain of it being poorly seasoned, or they may say that the quantity was insufficient (This sort of behaviour is encountered instead of a simple, “Thank you”).

Unfortunately, some people are psychologically conditioned to look at things from a negative perspective; there is very little that you could do to please those kinds of people.

Then you have the opposite; people who are easily satisfied and genuinely grateful for what little they have. These people may have a small home that is barely furnished and they may have a meager food supply and despite the circumstances, are happy.

In my young formative years, I was told a story; it remained with me in my adulthood. The story was about a man who was going to commit suicide because he had very little to eat. It goes like this: “One day, a man eat a banana (He believed that he was badly off, because that was all he had to eat). After eating the fruit he threw the skin on the ground nearby and placed a rope around his neck with the intentions of hanging himself. To his astonishment, another man came by quietly and swiftly grabbed the banana peel from off of the ground and started eating it. He removed the rope from off of his neck and carried on with his daily activities.” The moral of the story is: when you think that you are badly off, there are those who are worse off than you.

I know that some people may complain that they only have peanut butter to go with their bread. Now, what about those people who only have the bread? And then there are those people who have no bread at all!

I believe that if we show appreciation for what we have at the moment (It maybe a minute amount), the Universe will bless us in a big way. It’s all about gratitude!