Water Is Vital To Our Wellness

by Renard Moreau

I have a very strong feeling that there are many people around the world who take water for granted and probably are not getting their recommended daily intake of it.

In our childhood, we were taught by those authority health figures that we need to consume eight to ten glasses of water daily to maintain optimal health.

Water enhances our digestion, skin hydration, nutrient absorption, detoxification, the regulation of our body temperature and joint and eye lubrication.

We learned in school that two thirds of our body is made up of water.

What we didn’t learn in school is: people often misinterpret the feeling of thirst with the feeling of hunger; this results in the person eating instead of them drinking the water that the body so desperately needs.

Dehydration can affect our ability to concentrate and affects our short-term memory in the negative sense; this can be remedied by drinking a few glasses of water. Remember: our brian is an average of eighty five percent water.

If you are constipated, it could mean that you need to increase your water consumption. People who drink vast amounts of water rarely suffer with this condition.

Instead of taking those pills for your headache, try drinking a large glass of water. Headaches can also be the result of dehydration.

Water also helps us from over eating, because it fills our stomachs.

We also experience a boost of energy when our body is well hydrated by the water we drink.

If you desire beautiful skin (And I am sure that most of us do) drink lots of water.

Water helps us to maintain our overall health. Simply avoid becoming dehydrated.