Smartphones Are Everywhere

by Renard Moreau

Everywhere I go, I encounter someone who owns a smartphone; most of the time they are browsing through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Most of the BlackBerry users are busy enjoying their BlackBerry Messenger which allows them to communicate with friends and family who have BlackBerry smartphones.

The iPhone and Android-based phones have countless applications that keep their users intrigued and entertained.

The usage of smartphones are not limited to an age group. In the earlier days, it was often used by the middle-aged businessmen. Now, children and adults use them regularly and skillfully.

Ninety-nine percent of the times when I am on the move, my smartphone is with me; enabling me with the ability to have access to the internet and phone calls.

At the moment, there are numerous people who dislike the idea that their smartphones give out their location via GPS (There are countless perspectives on the internet circulating about this).

I once said to a friend, “They can track me anywhere they want because I have nothing to hide.”

Their response was similar to mine.

However, they went a bit further in saying that they deleted applications on their smartphone that was reliant on the GPS service (I guess that they decided to play it safe).

Despite the controversy about smartphones, the sales of various models are increasing; it’s as though a great number of people are most eager to have them in their lives.